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This is the most retarded Forum I have ever been on!

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Alright all you fags onthis tupid forum. I made this random account so I can just tell you how stupid you re. You are all fucking retards and the whole idea of this stupid forums.

First of all, if it wasn't for Bitchspot, you wouldn't have Blockland.
Second Ephi is helping Blockland to make it a fantastic game.

All of you are fucking trolls. You were banned from the forums for a fucking reason, you are FAGS! Deal with it! Its your fault not anybody elses.

I don't give two shits about being banned from this crap. Infactuntil you actually ban me I'm gonna spam up these shit forums.

And the best part is, I can do this and you won't know who I am so you can't come to my server and bitch about it. I've been playing Blockland for nearly 3 years now and this is the most retarded forum ever!

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